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Updated: July 21, 2008

Israeli Companies - Sales and Installations
Amcor Solar Energies Ltd.
A leading producer of Solar and Electrical heating systems for the Israeli and international markets.

Address: Ad-Halom industrial Zone
P.O. Box 3739 Ashdod 77136

Tel: 08-865-1444   Website:

Arava Power Company, LTD
The goal of the company is to produce renewable energy in the Arava region and sell it to the residents of the Arava and the Israel Electric Company.

Address: Kibbutz Ketura
D.N Eilot 88840

Tel: 08-630-6344   Website:

Develops a range of efficient and reliable solar systems providing clean, dependable solutions for your water-heating needs.

Address: Kibbutz Sha’ar Ha’amakim

Tel: 04-983-9456   Website:

Elsol Solar Energy Systems
Specializes in the design and marketing of solar thermal systems, cogeneration and energy saving products.

Address: Gamla 7
P.O.Box 461, Kohav-Yair 44864

Tel: 077-440-1216   Website:

G.Systems Ltd.
Designs, manufacturers and distributes various products related to renewable energy.

Address: 5 Bernstein Street

Tel: 04-826-0459   Website:

Designs and installs systems ranging from small photovoltaic units powering irrigation controllers, electric fences and street lights, through complete home electric systems and up to multi-kilowatt power systems such as a grid-connected tracking array or solar power supply installations for microwave and radio communication stations.

Address: Astra Tower, Stella Maris Center
Tchernichovsky 35, Haifa 35709

Tel: 04-833-7997   Website:

Kivun Engineering Ltd
Solutions in the field of solar thermal energy.

Address: 3 Shulamit Street
Tel-Aviv 64371

Tel: 054-769-6009    Website:

Millennium Electric T.O.U Ltd.
Designs, develops, installs and provides Photovoltaic (PV) solar energy systems and a wide variety of solar energy related services in Israel and throughout the world. Products include Multi Solar Systems that both generate electricty and produce hot water.

Address: 11 Hasadna Street
Raanana Industrial Zone
P.O. Box 2646

Tel: 09-743-9490   Website:

Nimrod Industries Ltd.
Manufacturer of solar and electric water heaters. Manufactures and provides all of the components needed for a Solar Water heating System: Storage tanks in a wide range of volumes, Solar Thermal Panels in a wide range of dimensions and finishes as well as accessories, Connecting Kits and metal structures - Everything under one roof !

Address: 16 Moshe Sharet Street
Rishon Lezion 75704

Tel: 03-961-5333   Website: (site opens with load music)

Plastic Magen
Develops and produces an all plastic solar collector, used mainly as a swimming pool water heater and as pre-heating systems for industrial and domestic hot water supply.

Address: Kibbutz Magen
D.N. Hanegev 85465

Tel: 08-998-3201   Website:

Rand Solar Energy Systems
Manufactures and sells Solar Thermal Energy Systems; Storage tanks, Boilers, Solar Collectors.

Address: Shenker Street
Kiryat-Arie Industrial Zone, Petach-Tikva
Tel: 1-700-70-9091   Website: (opens with load music)

Real Housing Ltd.
Committed to the development of affordable housing using renewable energy to power a sustainable future.

Address: 20/6 Aharon Boxer Street
Nes Ziyyona 74057
Tel: 052-802-2646    Website:

Shekel Technologies
Produces large scale solar power systems at a highly competitive price using novel solarized gas turbine with energy storage.

Address: 9 Matityahu Street
Ramat-Gan 52287

Tel: 03-574-3601   Website: via

Solari Renewable Energy Ltd.
Represents in Israel the company Photowatt Technologies which a leading developer and integrated manufacturer of photovoltaic products and solutions.

Address: Moshav Kerem
Hof HaCarmel, 30840
Tel: 04-984-0830   Website:

Solarit Doral
Develops residential and commercial solar systems and system components.

Address: Ramat Gan

Tel: 03-6111-888   Website:

SolarPower Israel Ltd.
System integration company which provides renewable energy solutions. They design, integrate, supply and install solar energy systems for various applications.

Address: Yevulim Compound
POB 1429, Pardesia

Tel: 09-865-4904   Website:

Israeli Companies - Research / Development / Manufacturing
3GSolar (formerly Orionsolar)
Developing third generation Dye Solar Cell (DSC) PV modules.

Address: Hamarpe Street
AVX Building
Har Hozvim Industrial Park
Jerusalem 97774

Tel: 02-572- 0177   Website:

D.I.S.P. - Distributed Solar Power Ltd.
A development stage company poised to capitalize on the fast growing solar energy and distributed generation markets. Using superior technology, licensed from Tel Aviv University, we achieve higher efficiency and provide more usable energy than comparable commercial systems.

Address: P.O.Box 73, Migdal HaEmek 23100

Tel: 04-993-5473    Website:

Ener-T Israel
Our Mission: To provide turn-key services, using our accumulated experience and up-to-date technology, for the design, installation and operation of reliable, efficient and competitive thermo-solar power plants

Address: 1 Hamarpe Street, Har Hotzim
P.O. Box 45132, Jerusalem

Tel: 02-563-3082    Website:

Luz II, Ltd.
Designs and builds large scale solar plants that deliver low-cost solar energy in the form of steam and/or electricity. Luz II is a wholly owned subsidiary of BrightSource Energy, Inc , based in Oakland, California

Address: Luz II, Ltd.
Kiryat Mada 11, Building 6
Har Hotzvim Technology Park, Jerusalem 91450

Tel: 077-202-5000   Website:

Aim to lower the price of installed solar power to about $850/KWp by developing an optimal solar plant configuration using existing state of the art technologies, and erecting a production line to decrease the price to that level.

Address: Jerusalem Technology Park., Building 8 Floor 3
P.O.BOX 48223
Malcha Jerusalem 91481

Tel: 02-649-0736    Website:

Pythagoras Solar
The company is working to combine software models, optic design, semiconductor processes, materials science, and mass manufacturing techniques to build highly durable, cost effective solar energy products.

Address: 25 Bazel Street
P.O.B. 3494, Petach Tikva 49130

Tel: 03-648-2777    Website:

Solel Solar Systems Ltd.
The world leader in the development and implementation of solar thermal technology.

Address: P.O.B. 811 Beit Shemesh

Tel: 02-995-0111    Website:

Zenith Solar
Is set to develop and mass produce the most reliable cogeneration solar power system - with a fully vertically integrated strategy - taht can be deployed as a distributed network.

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